HTML and CSS final project. Mobile issues


So finally in this weekend I managed to finish my first HTML website. It is a basic one,
but some things are still not clear.

1, It looks really messed up on mobile. Where could I find an easy template to resize it?
2, It is huge (I guess must do something with the background image). I tried to resize it
with several techniques found on internet, unsuccesfully. It always ended up having white space
outside my HTML.

Thanks for the help,


just on mobile? It looks messy on my laptop as well.

a few issues i see so quickly:

font-size: 130px, really?
huge margin-top for .header .container
no use of class thumbnail to make images respect there parent element
no use of col-xs and col-md (see bootstrap site) for smaller screens

i see you have this in your css code:


/* Extra small devices (phones, less than 768px) */
/* No media query since this is the default in Bootstrap */

/* Small devices (tablets, 768px and up) */
@media (min-width: @screen-sm-min) { ... }

/* Medium devices (desktops, 992px and up) */
@media (min-width: @screen-md-min) { ... }

/* Large devices (large desktops, 1200px and up) */
@media (min-width: @screen-lg-min) { ... }

uhm... you do realize that for this sass is required, and it needs to be compiled into css?



yout webpage can be amazing, but its super huge on my laptop, doesn't look at all right. i hope you figure things out.