HTML and CSS does not work


It shows me error 'Your DOCTYPE tag doesn't look quite right. Did you type it like this: <!DOCTYPE html> ?'
The browser executes this code with no problem, but your editor is not

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html> hello</html>


Hi makushimo

It's not quite right if you trying to display a heading write your script like this:



use h1 tags not html tags


I do not understand what you are talking about.
In the instructions said:
" In between the second and last line (between the html and the /html), feel free to write whatever message you like."

There is no word about h1 or else.

Why the editor in the lesson does not except my code?


Hi makushimo

hey i now know want your doing and your code worked for me so i'm not sure realy :confused:


Hi @makushimo,

I have tested your code and I agree with @peterlearns_coding, it is perfect.

Have you tried reloading/refreshing your web page?


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