HTML and CSS Cheat Sheet Feedback

Hello All,

I just completed the Build Your Own Cheat Sheet Portfolio Project as a part of the Full-Stack Developer Career Path and I would love to hear any feedback on my code! I’ve placed a link to my git repository below!

Link to my Cheat Sheet Repo

Happy coding :slight_smile:

wow! you put a lot of good work into this :smiley:

I’m curious… why don’t you have an opening <html> and closing </html> tag in your file?

Thanks @irlfede! It was a labor of love - Your comment makes me believe I don’t need the opening <html> tag in my file, so I’ll go ahead and take it out. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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No… I was asking why it doesn’t have it. Usually all html files do have the opening and closing html tag

Thats right
But they ALWAYS have both tags