HTML and CSS 3. One selector to rule them all


I've tried nerly everything trying to get this to work and I just can't seem to get around it.

I'm getting the error message: Oops, try again. Make sure that you use the universal selector * to give a border 1px wide.

This is the code I have used for this section:
* {
border: 1px dashed #3A5FCD;

The instructions say:
Go ahead and use the universal selector to put a 1px dashed #3A5FCD border around every element on the page. See how each element looks like it's in its own box on the page? This is part of the HTML/CSS "box model," which we'll cover in the next lesson.


Not sure if I am overlooking something...
Quite bizarre. Maybe reset the code for that excercise and write that again? Could be a bug.


I've done some looking around and there seems to be bug with this specific instruction.


Worked on Chrome for me. Not working on Firefox.


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