need help with using href

Do you mind giving a few more details? Are you using it in a lesson with Codecademy like in Javascript? If so, give us the lesson title! Are you just wanting to know more general information on how to use Href? What language are you using it in? What context are you wanting to use it in? The more details the faster and better super users help deskers and moderators can help answer your question!

im in the linking to css part of training i just don’t get how it want me to do it I’m stuck can you help me work it out. its asking me to add the href attribute to the element and set it equal to /style.css.

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Lets see! Now which HTML/CSS course are you in? the Learn HTML/CSS Part 1 or the HTML & CSS

im in the CSS setup part of learn HTML & CSS

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Ahh thank you very much! I will quickly get over to that lesson so I can have it infront of me and see what I can do :thumbsup:

ok thanks you ill be waiting on you

Next, add the href attribute to the <link> element 
and set it equal to /style.css.

Take a look at the web page in the browser to the right. 
Do you notice any changes?

Ok so I assume you are referring to Lesson 5.) Linking the CSS File and step 2. So we have our instructions above so lets follow them to accomplish our goal.

So just your general link element looks like this: when your adding the href attribute to it you wanna add it after link but before the >. So for example:

<link href >

Now we are asked to equal it to /style.css. So we use an equal sign and then add in /style.css with " " around it. So your end product should look something like this:

 <link href="/style.css" 

Now, for the future steps in this lesson, when you are adding other things to your href= statement just add them right after each other. For example, with type:

 <link href="/style.css" type=
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thank you i just seen what i was doing wrong i was typing it in like this <link href="/style.css> i was adding the (>) at the end lo thanks for the help.

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No problem! Glad to have been of assistance :smiley: