Href= - ‘=’ won’t go red, can’t finish lesson


I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong, I thought I had the code correct. The '=' won't turn red, and I can't complete the lesson. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thank you.


Remove the <a> tag!


@lastshepherd's solution is correct.

The = doesn't need to turn red. Actually, it shouldn't. Different symbols and characters/words are different colours to help you see where things are easier, and = is light blue.


Yeah, I am having the Same Problem and I have typed it out exactly as shown above and within the Example. Please help!


Post your code. 


you need to put the closing /a right next to the my favorite web site thats why


I have the same problem and i can't continue.What is wrong?


@boardace93286 what is a herf?


I am having the same problem as above and i have tried everything


Please make your own topic with code + error message and question. Thank you


Used 'href' instead of 'herf'


That problem has been solved I believe. Please don't revive old topics.