Href target is correct but CSS not connecting to HTML

In the code below the HTML target is linking to the correct CSS file when I do control tap on the href address, but when I run the programme on th ebrowser I’m not getting any of the CSS formatting.
This is the Dasmoto Studio excercise. I know it is incomplete but I can’t move forward if the CSS is not linking to the HTML .
HTML below



<link href= "/Css/style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/CSS">



<h1>Dasmoto's Arts and Crafts</h1>


    <h2 class=”subtitle”>Brushes</h2>

    <img src= "HTML/HTML Resources/hacksaw.jpeg">

    <h3 class=”subsub”>Hacksaw Brushes</h3>

    <h3> Made of the highest quality Oak. Hacksaw brushes are known for their weight and their ability to hold paint in large amounts Available in different sizes </h2>

    <h3 class=”price”> starting at $3.00 per brush</h3>


    <h2 class=”subtitle”>Frames</h2>

    <img src= "HTML/HTML Resources/frames.jpeg">

    <h3 class= “subsub”>Art Frames(assorted)</h3>

    <h3> Assorted frames made of different material including MDF. Birchwood and PDESelect frames can be sanded and painted accorsing to your needs </h3>

    <h3 class=”price”> starting at $2.00 per frame</h3>


    <h2 class=”subtitle”>Paint</h2>

    <img src= "HTML/HTML Resources/finnish.jpeg">

    <h3 class=”subsub”>Clean Finnish paint</h3>

    <h3> Imported paint from FinlandOver 2556 colours in store varying in quantity from 1 oz to 8 oz. Clean finninsh paint microbids to canvas increasing the finish and longevityof any project </h3>

    <h3 class=”price”> starting at $5.00 per tube</h3>


Here is the CSS h1{
font-family: Helvetica;


font-weight: bold;

color: kakhi;

Centre texr



font-family: Helvetica;

font-size: 32px;

font-weight: bold;

color: white;



font-family: Helvetica;

font-size: 20px;

font-weight: bold;

color: blue;


.subsub { 

font-family: Helvetica;

font-size: 20px;

font-weight: bold;

color: black;


.price { 

font family: Helvetica;

font-size: 20px;

font-weight: bold;

color: blue;

Is your CSS file in the same folder as your HTML file?

Hi there
Here are the file paths
Dasmotoarts > HTML > Index.HTML
Dasmotoarts > CSS > Style.css

So both are int he Dasmotoarts folder. Will that work?

It might. Try using a local link #filename as opposed to "urlname". I hope this helps! Happy coding!

This will not work. You need the location in relation to the HTML file.


So from the HTML file you need to go to the main folder, one level up, and then to the css. You can navigate one level up using ..


This didn’t work. When i hover over the address it tells me to ctrl click to go to the address. that address youo sugested gives an error. The address I originally had brings me to the CSS file.
Print screen

I based my answer on the above given information by you.

However when I look at your screenshot, your index.html is not in your html folder at all, it resides directly in the dasmotoarts folder.

You’re right! sorry about that.
That was careless of me.
Unfortunately I’m still unable to get the CSS active on the code
the page is rendering without any of that formatting.image
As i say the address is bringing me to the right location but the CSS is not working!AhV5IKPCqq4TwhlNx9WGma39wv4y?e=rqvJoz
Not sure if that snip attached

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