Href question for newbie. in HTML basic, lesson 10


Can someone take a look at this and help me. I am brand new and stuck on href tags section under HTML basics. Thank you!


the html element is a link:


then you need to add a href attribute to it. you created a new element (<h>) with a ref attribute. Let's say i have a paragraph:


and i want to add a style attribute to, i add the style attribute to the paragraph opening tag:

<p style=""></p>

it is the same with adding href to <a>, make sense?


that doesn't explain why it is that why. Why is far more important then the correct code, i am going to flag it (for being answer without explanation which is against CC policy), the admin will have to decide if they agree


The <a> tag you are referring to is called the anchor tag. The href is an attribute of anchor tag. So it will go inside the opening anchor tag (the opening set of angle brackets), like this: <a href="">.

The text (or image or any other HTML element) between the opening and ending anchor tags, when clicked will open the hyper-link(which is what you set href attribute equal to).


Thanks so much for your help, great explanation! Makes perfect sense.


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