I am trying to redo the howOld() exercise using Switch function and I cannot figure out what is broken. please help!

const howOld = (age, year) => {
	let dateToday = new Date();
	let thisYear = dateToday.getFullYear();

	const yearDifference = year - theCurrentYear
	const newAge = age + yearDifference

  switch (calculation) {
   case (newAge < 0):
    return 'The year ' + year + ' was' + -yearDifference + ' years before you were born';
   case (newAge > age): 
    return 'you will be ' + newAge + ' in the year ' + year +;
    return 'You were ' + newAge + ' in the year ' + Year +;


console.log(howOld(20, 2929))

Hello @damianroiz. Are the variables calculation and theCurrentYear defined?

Also here:

Should there be a captial Y, or should it be lower case y?

For both this one and the default condition, should you have the + at the end?

Is your use of the switch statement correct? switches work in this way: they look at the condition (the value entered in parentheses (switch (condition)). If any of the values provided in the case match that condition, then the code executes, otherwise, it reverts to the default.
These answers on Stack Overflow are quite good at explaining the issue with your logic (specifically the one just below the accepted answer).
I hope this helps!