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Hello fellow learners!
I am fairly new to programming and learning has been fun and difficult. This is my first post to the forums and was wondering if any one could me understand why the codecademy is telling my input is incorrect when I am receiving a functions output from the system. after reviewing the solution I don’t find much difference other than learning how to use the current year call. Even in the solution it notes setting current year wasn’t a issue for this exercise. just trying to understand how I am incorrect!

We’re now twenty days into the new year. Might that be the issue?

That is funny! I am stuck in the past. but I don’t believe that is the issue because I was simply defining the key word. I don’t believe that should make a difference in how to program would run. I was receiving the issue in the first return statement, yet it executed fine.

Off to walk the dog. I’ve tracked down some narrative from a few months ago that you might give a read. Notice there are actually only two calculations in my example.

Code Challenges: JavaScript Fundamentals - #10 by mtf

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