How will my account change if I go "Pro"

I joined Codecademy on Dec. 1. I have finished HTML & CSS, currently working on Javascript. If I go Pro how will this affect my previous work? My goal is to be working freelance building web pages. I have work waiting for me. But I have to get Javascript, JQuery, PHP, and Python all down before I can accept the work that is waiting for me. The people who want me to do the work set these requirements. Will going Pro get me through faster?

Your progress won’t be reset, this is just unlocking what is already there, so it just helps without taking anything away! I haven’t heard anybody complaining about it being a waste or having any information reset so I’d say it’s a great choice! I can’t say it’ll get you through any lessons quicker, because it’s adding on to the lessons already there, but it will put you through more in depth lessons, so in the end you will be receiving more quality from CodeCademy than otherwise.

I hope this helps!

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