How will I know I am proficient enough to call myself a coder?


I’m curious when I will know when I am an expert coder?


Expert? You need a least a decade of experience i would say. Being able to translate requirements into good clean, readable and maintainable code.


Technically speaking, you will never be an expert. There will still be more to learn. I feel like once you’ve been doing coding for a living for about 10 years, and are a senior developer. I bet you could call yourself an expert coder. Basically, Stetim is right :slight_smile:

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Expertise is obviously a scale, and the further one is along that scale, the more energy it requires to maintain as technology evolves.

So to attain and retain ‘expert’ status in various technologies is less pragmatic than being able to build stuff in various technologies.

In my view one shouldn’t be too concerned about status games; building stuff doesn’t require any status or permission.

A good coder is curious, always learning, integrating learning and applying new techniques, through building real stuff.

For most real-world purposes, the definition of expertise will be how long you have been a good coder.

So the trick really is just to focus on being one of those.

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