How/ where do I create a virtual résumé WEBPAGE?


Just finished this module:

It suggests practicing by creating your own virtual resume. DUMB QUESTION- where can I build that using html? There must be a section somewhere on codecademy that I haven’t found that allows you to build these types of projects out in html and save them somehow, right?

Thanks in advance!


Not a dumb question at all!

Codecademy does have some workspaces you can use to create a project in, here. Replit (here) is another good alternative you could use.

That said, I would actually suggest not using an online environment and instead working locally on your own device through an IDE like VSCode, paired with something like the “Live Preview” extension: VSCode and extension.

This is because I can almost guarantee at some point you will have to work on a project locally and it’s a very important skill to have, so the more you can practice doing it now the more comfortable you’ll be when you actually need to.

Hope that helps! :smile:

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@notlyall YOU are a rockstar!! Thank you so much!!

I realized late last night that I might be jumping the gun. Sure enough, I just got through a few more sessions and we’re set to start learning about VSCode next! I think I just need to be a bit more patient sometimes. I’m just so excited to actually GET GOING, ya know?

Hey, thanks again so much. I appreciate you!


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Awesome! Glad I could help, good luck with it! :smile:

Quick question- I’ve downloaded VSCode and have worked in it a bit, but you’re right- I totally want to preview what I’m building as I build it. The link you gave me said the extension is still in development. Can I still use it?

Thank you again!!


Yeah I’d say it would still be fine, I use it fairly heavily myself and haven’t ran into issues. That said, there may be the odd bug or unexpected behaviour but nothing I’ve encountered :slightly_smiling_face:.

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I’ve been using the Live Preview and it’s AWESOME! When I can easily get it to appear, it works great. I’m still confused as to how to actually get it to appear (the extension to run). Seems like I just “luck” into it popping up. I’ve tried youtube for a tutorial on how to “run” extensions, but nothing is showing up that is useful. I assume that I need to pull it up each time I want to use it from extensions and then, on the right top, an icon will pop up that I can click so it will appear. That’s not always the case though. Have you experienced this? Suggestions?

Thank you again!!

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Great to hear you’re finding it useful! You should be able to right click on the html file from the explorer pane on the left that you wish to view, and then select the “Live Preview” option from the context menu that pops up.

There should also be an icon for it on the top right of the workspace for the file you are editing that will trigger it, if you can’t see it let me know and I’ll see if I can grab a screenshot once I’m back at a PC :slightly_smiling_face:.