How Useful is the Build a Website from Scratch intensive program?

I was curious whether anyone has taken the Build a Website from Scratch intensive program. More particularly, did you find it useful after having taken it? Did you feel it was the sort of thing you might have learned on your own or the course was an efficient use of your time in learning the topic? How would you rate it overall?

Ordinarily, I probably wouldn’t ask but I am going to be short on funds soon and I’m debating how to make the best use of any money I have. :no_mouth:

In my opinion Scratch sux.

It’s just real dumb.

No offence Scratch lovers.

Bugs? The course didn’t provide you with anything you didn’t think you could find yourself? Or something else altogether?

The system is good but I do not find it useful.

It seems kind of silly.

Sorry if you disagree.

No disagreement here. Was asking simply to identify why you concluding it. Thanks-that’s helpful.

I would highly recommend it. I did the course that started from June 2017. I loved it. I feel they have designed an excellent course. I would give them 10/10 for it. Before I joined the course I didn’t even knew there is thing call CSS. The course helped to learn not only HTML and CSS, it also taught me about the tools that professionals use while coding, like Atom, git, github. And last but not the least they give you access to Slack Channel where you get to chat with students from different parts of the world. It was a great experience for me. People there were very helpful and shared so many resources. The channel is still going and some of us are still keeping in touch thorough it. I would say it was worth every penny. By the way after that I did the API intensive course and now I doing the UI intensive course.

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