How to write these < >?

When I press alt gr + , or . (= keys with symbols < and >) , it returns my page back or forward. Its the same as alt gr + left arrow or right arrow, but it happens only in Codecademy course. Tested it in chrome and edge, both same.

Hope you understand, thanks a lot for help. :wink:

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Does your keyboard not have those characters? Do you have a numeric keypad?

Alt + 6 + 0  =>  <
Alt + 6 + 2  =>  >
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Just tried switching to english keyboard and it works quite well… Idk why I didnt think about it before. :smiley:

I use czech keyboard layout, so the shortcuts are bit different (instead of shift in english keyboard layout i have to use alt gr for the same symbol).

Still I would appreciate if the shortcut for returning page could be removed. :slight_smile:

That’s out of our wheelhouse, and something you’ll have to take up Codecademy directly.

Yeah, I understand. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

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