How to write html


I just finished courses on CSS and HTML on Codecademy, but want to write more of my own code. I have a mac computer. Does someone know what program I should download to start working on some of my own codes?



Regardless the computer, as long as you have a text editor and a browser, you have the tools. Write code and save in the text editor, then run the code in a browser. Easy-peasy.

I used Windows Notepad for years and just made sure to encode as UTF-8 every time I saved a file. That’s very primitive, I admit, but it tells us the lowest capacity tools that came bundled with our computer are still enough to get the job done. Don’t look for bells and whistles. Look to learn the language and composition using the barest of tools. When this phase is learned and you find yourself in a production role, this sort of knowledge will be very useful.