How to wite digit_sum?


Hello! I write this code:

def digit_sum(n):
    res = 0 
    ints = []
    if n >= 0 and n - float(n) == 0:
        n = str(n)
        i = 0
        in1 = 0
        while i != len(n) - 1:
            i += 1 
        while in1 != len(ints) - 1:
            res = res + ints[in1]
            in1 += 1
            print res

and got this message:

"list index out of range error"

Where I made a mistake? I absolutely don't understand how to write this program. Help me, please if you can.


Haw, my code is a good ilustration how you shouldn't write your code. All much simplier:

def digit_sum(n):
n = str(n)
total = 0
for item in n:
item = int(item)
total = total + item
return total


you could still make your code work, just a few small changes have be made, starting here

while i != len(n) - 1:

why -1? this will cut off the last character. remove the -1 from both loops.

then this line:

res = res + ints[in1]

the items stored in the list are strings, you will need to convert them to integer to before adding them to res:


then all left to do is return res after the loop (not just print it)

then optimization would be a good idea.


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