How to Use Visual Studio 2019

I’m slowly approaching the end of my C# course on Codecadmy pro.
And while I’m enjoying it, I find two things SEVERELY missing.

  1. There is not enough explanation on why we need the things we learn.
    For example - more practical examples on what a class or interface look like
    in a real life program, app etc.

  2. Codecademy makes it very easy to learn as they provide you will everything
    necessary, but now that I want to use Visual Studio and practice creating classes,
    interfaces etc, I have no clue how to put together all these components.

In other words, I don’t feel that Codecademy prepares me to the “Real World” where I will use Visual Studio to actually program. I really think this should be part and parcel of the C# course.

Can anyone recommend me good and structured resources that help learn how to create a full functioning program on Visual Studio 2019?

Thanks a lot!

I think you bring up some good ideas and I’ve moved this to Suggestions.
My reasoning being… that if you’re thinking about this, then I’m positive that you’re not the only person.

As an example…in my past work experience we had a version control system for all of our code. Whenever someone needed to modify the code, one would check out a copy, make changes in either a command line environment/interface (CLI) while others used VS to make changes to the code and then check it back into the main branch.

Maybe this would be helpful(?)


Depending on what the program needs to do, this might take years. Learning the basics of a programming language and being able to write production worthy code are two very different things

I think this applies for a lot of courses on Codecademy, not only C#.


Thank you lisa(?) for your kind reply.
I find codecademy indeed to be one of the best platforms to introduce one to
the fundamentals of coding. I believe once this bridge is built, for coding off platform,
it’ll be an enormous leap - for which I would even gladly pay more!
Thank you for the link. I’ll check it out.

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I totally agree. But one has to start somewhere. And I believe that part of the basics
is not only explaining general concepts and syntax of programming languages, but also
building bridges for the beginner aspiring programmer to be able to function off platform
and understand better what the knowledge they are learning such as Arrays, Methods,
Classes or Interfaces look like in a real functioning software (mobile app, desktop app,
gaming etc…).

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True, personally I found an intermediate step easier to do something code wars or coding games. Where you have a certain challenge which you have to solve without much instructions

its not a full fledged program, but it could be a next logical step.

Or challenge yourself to build something like tic tac toe or hangman (with text inputs, so a command line program)


Wow, the code-wars platform looks really great! I signed up.
The coding games seem a bit more advanced, but I’ll check it out a bit deeper.
I’m learning coding as a hobby and I’m a beginner…75% into my C# course
and started learning Kotlin as well.

Thanks for the tips!

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there are dozen of platforms like codewars:

Top 25+ Codewars Alternatives in 2021 | AlternativeTo


Thanks a lot once more! :slight_smile: