How to use the Save resources function?

I noticed that there is a bookmark icon next to the profile in My Home, which is used to save resources. I suppose you could use it to save, for example, an article from a course to review later. However, I couldn’t find the save resource funtion anywhere throughout the course.

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I seem to suddenly be having a similar issue, except for me the icon no longer shows up on any page at all, including the My Home section. Nobody in the forums (or on Reddit) seems to be talking about experiencing anything like this so it’s possible it’s just a weird, extremely isolated issue that’s only affecting a very small number of people, but it would be great if anyone could provide some help or insight as how to resolve it, if possible, because it is very frustrating having to navigate through a bunch of menus and pages just to get to things I used to have easily bookmarked within the site.