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Build a resume!
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Code Your Own Adventure!
HELP syntax incorrect
7. What if choice1 is paper?...Syntax Error Please Help
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We Made a Friend SOLVED
12 Printing out a list item by item in a function - error
What is wrong with my code?
What if choice1 is paper? Help
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24.dont know why it isn't working-.-
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4. Computer Choice: Part 2. ReferenceError: computerChoice is not defined
Lesson 12 loops and arrays II
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Help // 5. Both choices are the same!
It doesnt seems to work
Search text for your name
8. Paper rock scissors unexpected token
totalDamage += damageThisRound is equalling weird numbers
10. why is this true?
FAQ & Trouble shooting [JavaScript]
Day at eh Super - Lists and Functions - Not getting this one at all
Need code for all 3 ideas in 9)Next Steps of Build "rock,paper and scissors"
Online help
Could someone help me with the font size lesson? (exercise 8)
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[Greetings] New here; help needed - NOT found in Help section
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How to post on this new forum
Please someone help with the correct code for step 26 I am stuck, thanks
I can get past lesson 9/12
Hello Code Academy, thank you for your efforts. I have a problem with the universal selector lesson. I am doing as the instructions say but my code doesn't pass!
12/13 Introductions and functions Javascript BIG PROBLEM
CSS selectors
What am i doing wrong can't get to go?
Lesson 6 of javascripting
The Big If
Have 20px but says it is 16px
Is the Final / Finished code available for comparison?!
12.Append to Body (Some help please)
Help stuck on 12.5
Im stuck on question 11
Lesson. 3 Function Syntax help
Please help me to answer this question def greater_less_equal_5(answer): if _______: return 1 elif ______: return -1 else: return 0 print greater_less_equal_5(4) print greater_less_equal_
About the Sass category
Span = True eggs = False
Variable name
Variable name
Maths quiz question
About the Final Project Subcategory
About the Final Project category
Adding the images #6
Nine pictures are worth 9000 words
"Rock, Paper, Scissors" part 8
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