How to Use `return`?


How can we type return True or return False into the code? Can you please show an example?

What can I write for an if condition?

Hi @alqamlas,

You use return to exit from a function with a certain value:

def add_numbers():
  print(1 + 1)
  return(2 + 2) # the function exits here
  print(3 + 3) # this line never gets run, the function stops at `return`

add_numbers() # result: 4

It’s the same if you’re working with booleans:

def is_big_number(n):
  if n > 100:
    return(True) # if the condition matches, the function exits here
    print("The number is bigger than 100") # not run
    return(False) # if the first condition didn't match, the function exits here
    print("Number is smaller than 100") # not run

is_big_number(58) # result: False