How to use axis in numpy reshape function?

I am new to Python and learning numpy library, but in this library most of the times axis is used but i am not getting whats that about currently i am studying numpy reshape python function, can anyone please tell me what is axis inside it

Axis is used in mathmatics.

In the programming world if you want to set up a nice diagram or want to build a game you would need to use dimensions to get everything where you want it to go.

For example. If you want to build a house you would need to give coordinates as to where this house needs to be build.
These coordinates in mathmatics are called axis.

The most commen axis you will find in the computer world are the x-axis and the y-axis.
x-axis = left and right
y-axis = up and down

If you wanna start 3D programming you would also find a z-axis pretty often.
z-axis = forward and backwards

These axis aren’t just limited to these three. There can be an unlimited amount of dimensions. For example: These days a lot of people are experimenting with a 4th dimension where they use hyperqubes. In this case you would need an w-axis as well which represents the 4th dimension.
This is pretty advanced stuff tho so don’t worry if you don’t understand it directly. I still have a very hard time with a forth dimension as well.

I believe these are the very basics of axis in mathematics. It does not answer your question but it might help you figure things out.