How to use actual Python once you have finished your course?

Hi guys!
I have just finished my python course on codecademy, and now I want to start coding in the ‘real’ python. But after I downloaded python 2.7, I couldn’t figure out how to code like i used to do in codecademy. I can only write one line, like ‘5+5’, and then when I press enter it says ‘10’. I must be missing something very obvious… Can anyone help me?

Hello @erwinglazenburg,

You are using IDLE, the built in Python IDE! In order to make Python scripts on this, you have to open a new file. You can do this by pressing Ctrl+N (Cmd+N for Macs). Save this file, and use F5 to run it in the Python Shell… Hope this answers your question…

Extra Information...

IDLE isn't the only application you can make Python scripts in! You can make it in something as simple as a Notepad/TextEdit document. However you must remember to save the file with the extension .py.

Thank you very much! I feel stupid for not seeing that, but yes, this answers my question :smiley: