How to use a second image url in making a website?


Hi, How to use a second image url in making a website. Everytime I try RUN the error message is

"did you use the second image URL provided".

The img url is <img src=""/>


There should be a slash between projects and make:

<img src="" />


hey its not working for me even the space is added

and neither is it showing an image in the browser view


You have to post your whole code, please use </> icon to format it properly. And please post error message you are getting.


I tried putting the space also but keep getting error message saying "did you use the second image URL provieded"


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<img scr=" content/project/make-a-website/lesson-1/bikes2.jpg"

did you use second url image - is the error msg


kind of messing up my relpy but as stated the space between " close and /> doesnt change the error


Your src does not look correct, space is unwanted and it should be projects, not project:

<img src="" />


It doesn't work for me even though I did the code


Can you paste your code here.? It will be helpful :slight_smile:


Hey, I was actually so frustrated with all these stuffs and busy asking everyone that I didn't realise that the image was already there. i donno how i got it...... but anyways thanx to all those who replied


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