How to use a method to change value entered in default constructor?

I’m writing a program to help me understand OOP more clearly.

public class Chairs {
	//What are the fields of all chair objects?
	 String color;
	 boolean hasWheels;
	 boolean hasArmRest;
	 int weight;
     int height;
	//Constructor that states default actions
	public Chairs(String c, int w, int h) {
		//Every chair has a color, weight, and height. But they usually are different
		String color = c;
		int weight = w;
		int height = h;
		System.out.println("This chair is " + color + ", has a weight of " + weight 
				+ " pounds " + "and a height of " + height + " inches.");
	//Behavior as defined by methods
	public static void rollChair() {
		System.out.println("The chair is rolling.");
	public static void lowerChair(int height) {
int newHeight = 0;
newHeight = height;
		System.out.println("You have lowered the height of this chair by " + height + " inches");
		System.out.println("The new height is " + newHeight + " inches.");

public static void main(String[] args) {

Chairs ch1 = new Chairs("black", 20, 42);


If I enter height as 42 in the main method call, how do I used a lowerHeight method to take in the height you wish to lower like


and apply it to the 42 value I entered originally for the ch1 instance?

Sorry for the silly example and question, just brain stops working when you work through these things from scratch.

Basically I enter 42 in the constructor parameter for the variable height and I want to decrease that 42 by 10 (or whatever number) and have it reflected as: The new height is: 32

A simple example of value modification.

public class ChangeValue {

	int value;

	public ChangeValue(int value) {
		this.value = value;

	public void setValue(int value) {
		this.value = value;

	public int getValue() {
		return value;

	public static void main(String[] args) {
		ChangeValue test = new ChangeValue(5);
                //outputs: 5
                //outputs: 6