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What is your actual issue. Nothing in your OP shows us what is going on, therefore we can’t provide any assistance. Provide more details please.




Lesson 1: What is HTML? of Learn HTML and CSS, the code editor is not functioning, so completing the exercise is impossible.

I’m on Chrome for windows, if that helps.


Can you post a screen shot of what you see while working on this exercise?


hey I having trouble with Lesson 1: What is HTML? of Learn HTML and CSS step 9 to finish the basic procedure it gives me error on number 6 where its asking to copy and paste

Hello World!

which I successfully did though it still gives me an error message the red box with an X here’s a copy of my code sorry if its missing data I had to reset the code numerous of times
example : Learning HTML & CSS

Hello World!


let me know what I have done wrong so that I can better fix my problem so I can proceed my training I will still try to start fresh which I’m doing and not have a problem achieving if you have any help or response let me know with a reply down below I would appreciate it sincere ed…
ps: I am using internet explorer 11.0.9600.18762 on a windows 7 enterprise and by the way she has a name and her name is Daisy on a Lenovo Desktop it has a Windows Vista sticker sorry about the extra information just trying to better describe my information for better understanding of what im having difficulty figure out what is occurring with this same error message I was getting and can’t successfully progress from if you are a geek and help another geek out please I will sure accept your knowledge so I can proceed my learning bye sincere ed… talk to you soon hopefully too soon ed…:slight_smile:


Hey guys, I am stuck on the 9/9 for the beginners.


@boardplayer92387 I think you pasted your code incorrectly, but it should be similar to this.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Coding is Fun</title>
    <h1>Hello World!</h1>


OK I see the form I will retry again when I do login thanks for the
assistance if I get a error message I will definitely repost to see why
it’s not working for me thanks again sincerely ed…


hey I just review your example and honestly it looks identical to my mine
:sweat_smile::anguished::tired_face: I could be wrong I review it 5x+


That’s happened to me a few times as well, very frustrating when it does too.


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