How To Unenroll A Course

I tried to unenroll in an course but I couldn’t even though I tried the edit button on the Codecademy Learn page.

Click edit on the home page, tick the course you want to unenroll from, and click Unenroll:

It didn’t work, it still said I was enrolled in the catalog.

Is that your Codecademy Learn Page? I see you’re interested in Web Development, Data Science, Computer Science? Why is there so many things? Why is there Python 2 there?

Does that matter?

Because I’m interested in many aspects of programming (I just do it for fun), and I enjoy dabbling in various topics (I haven’t completed all of those courses).

Because the Python 2 course is free, so I took it before I got PRO, and Python 2 is very similar to Python 3, so I just had a bit of reading to do to learn about the differences.

What aspects of coding are you interested in? Which is your favourite one. Does this picture:

all the courses you have done in your CC. How many courses have you done and what are they? When did you start learning coding at Codecademy? When did you get pro?