How to turn off help when wrong command entered

If I enter more than one unaccepted command Codecademy asks if I want help. Since I tend to double check the who, what, when, and where often this gets rather annoying while trying to get through courses. Is there a way to disable this help prompt?

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At present I don’t think that is an option. Not a game changer, though. We are using a browser that can flush the session cache on a hard refresh.

  1. Copy your code and paste it into a text editor.
  2. Get Solution (do not click Next)
  3. Compare to your code and study the differences.
  4. Fix your code,
  5. Reset the lesson
  6. Flush the session cache (Ctrl+F5)
  7. Paste your code back in
  8. Give it another try…
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Thanks for the quick reply @mtf

Although this adds extra steps to the process which is what I was trying to avoid. Thus trying to remove the help/answer prompt when typing extra relevant commands.

Maybe Codecademy could implement a switch either per lesson or per profile to disable this feature or increase the number of unaccepted commands.

Just a thought. Im not everyone nor am I a beginner, but I find it easier to retain new commands by repetition. This feature makes it rather difficult to repeat commands from current or previous lessons to help with the current one.

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Only extra steps if one wants to get a checkmark without getting the solution. In some respect it is moot, granted, but it satisfies a part of us that just moving on might not.

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I unchecked the solution because part of the answer provided actually doesn’t come close to what my use case was.

For clarification purpose:

1.) Say im typing in a terminal and enter la instead of ls .
After the first or second try of a wrong response, it asks if I want the answer instead of letting me type the correct response.

2.) If I’m trying to pwd to make sure im in the correct dir or list directories and files that pertain to the project, it prompts if I want the answer. even though I haven’t made a mistake.

This is an inconvenience though a small one it’s rather annoying. Knowing that the lessons can sometimes mess up and miss match terminal and lesson causing me to reset the lesson and or refresh the page (this has happened before). Checking current working directory and files in directory becomes important so I know where I am at and whats going.

Since the environment is different on my computer and Codecademy servers. Inputting commands on my local machine would not work as the results of the inputted commands will be different and unhelpful to complete the project.

There is no option to turn this setting on or off my question is solved but the annoyance remains. As this inst really a complaint for most people, it seem unlikely that a simple on/off switch will be implemented anytime soon to satisfy the few.

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Before we continue, I must confess to not knowing that you were on the Command Line lessons. Practically none of what I posted earlier is of any value. For shame!

I’m going to mull over your last post, but in the meantime, we might need a new starting point. Can you kick us off, again, please?

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