How to Think logically when i use javascript or jquery?


i have a problem with how to put the logic in jquery, i spent 2 days just to :how to write a code to loop a slidshow image but untill now i didnt make any progress ,i already have basics in js and js DOM/BOM, So please Help me i will be grateful.

I moved this to #Codecademy-Community-Lounge:Corner-Bar, so that you’ll receive more attention.

Have you taken all of the JS/jQuery courses here on Codecademy? If not, I highly suggest that you do so, and then come back to this project.

yes, and also i learn more js from another cours

Hi @aminato,

Please tell us what you’ve tried and where you’re stuck, and post your code for us to see - if it’s a lot, putting it in a Pen may be helpful.

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