How to think like a programmer

Hi i have question on the thinking aspect of programming, so I’ve been programming for some time now and i think im pretty good at solving questions. But why is it that when it comes to coding something from scratch although i know many concepts its like my mind goes blank and i forget everything i learn.

what are some things one can do that would help them be an actual programmer and not like a box checker?

First rule of programming… Don’t throw away the pencil and paper. Use it to sketch your ideas and create a step by step process that your idea code will follow. First get the finite steps in place, then as you iterate over the whole the finite steps are easily applied, per iteration. This sort of thinking is molded and can be applied to any level of intellect. Learn to sketch the steps.


so basically ill always be checking boxes huh? lol

It’s all in how you think, and how well you are able to sketch your ideas. Make it work before your eyes and the code will fall into place. I learned from need. Find a need and learn from it.