How to take what the user types in the textbox to .js? jQuery 10


I understand the logic of how to output and use the codes learnt but how do i take what the user types in the html textbox in order to use it in .js.
Am at Modifying HTML Elements - Set up creating a check list


you can recover the data typed by the user in the form with the function .val(), in the following way:

var toAdd = $('input[name=checkListItem]').val();

This step is very well explained at the step 11. Click da button


oow ok lol in the next lesson thanks aloot :slight_smile:
however there has to be another more noob'ish way to do this since the task giving is right before explaining this procedure. :sweat:


At step 10. Set up, you only need to write the line $(document).ready(function () {}); without additional stuff. This script will then be completed step by step in the next sections.


hahahaha too anxious got ahead of myself :sweat_smile:
Thanks for your quick responses really appreciate it