How to take a site off WordPress and start building it locally from scratch?

Hello, I am taking my site off wordpress (after years of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the platform) to start building the site from scratch on my own, first locally until I have a decent version to publish online. Is there any good tutorial to this safely while learning a lot about the process ?

I got some help from Bluehost to download the files and uninstall WordPress from my domain so now I have a bunch of files saved locally, a very ugly version on my site published online and no idea of where to start. Do you know of any tutorial / trustworthy source that could help me with this ?

Thank you team!

Do you already know html/css? If not I’d start with tutorials on that subject - if you don’t want to use a CMS these are essential skills (if you already know that, then good job). Some wordpress themes are built on Bootstrap - Codecademy has tutorials on that. If you don’t need extra functionality from your widgets or other scripted stuff (ie a commenting system), you can rebuild it with just those (I’m not sure of the legality of simply reusing the same CSS file but if you know CSS it shouldn’t be too hard to recreate).

Wordpress sites are built with PHP, and codecademy has a php course, HTML is the only prerequisite. I believe with these skills you could probably recreate your site, though it’ll be harder to reference your current site’s appearance if you’ve already taken it down.

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