How to tackle full stack dev?

At first I planned on learning front end dev first then later on maybe a few months after or years learn the back end as well. Now I want to learn both as soon as possible because if I learned to the front end I’ll need someone else to do the back end for me which is why I want to learn the back end as well so I can make websites from start to finish. I’ve learned HTML & CSS to a basic level and I’m currently learning JavaScript. My question is should I finish learning the front end dev then make a website then learn the back end dev and finish it off? or should I finish learning the front end move onto the back end and then make a website from start to finish. What would be the best way forward? I’m new to programming so I don’t know the best way to go about this. Thanks in advance for your replies.

The best advice i could give you is, don’t rush it! :smile: And I’m saying this from experience because when I started programming I tried to learn all about programming immediately I got into it. But in doing so I repeated a whole course (worth it!) because now I’m pro fluent in that specific language because I took it step by step. So first finish learning front end and when you are comfortable with it and are building front-end websites with ease, if you’re still interested feel free to Dive in to the world of back-end dev! :laughing:

Thanks for the reply bandit! :slight_smile: and to be honest I’m not in a rush it’s just that once I’ve built websites using the front end only is that good enough to start a portfolio and apply for jobs? I mean say I have an idea for a website and I use my front end skills to make it happen in order for my website to be fully up and running I would need the back end too. Though I don’t mind doing front end(professional work) for a while then move onto back end. Also what kind of websites should I make for my portfolio? personally I’d like to make websites with different flavours for different types of companies to show my diversity. Would you suggest that I make multiple websites including my own using only front end and then later on perhaps when I’m working as a front end dev I go back to my website and link it to a database by learning the back end?

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