How to study


Sometimes I have a hard time progressing with projects. I observe the following:


  • I can not yet split tasks into smaller tasks the right way in order then proceed with coding
  • Sometimes I simply forget the syntax but can not formulate a search I need to find that syntax
  • I search for similar solutions and when I read it I understand most of the time 90% of the code.
  • I can implement my own version of the code but only to that 90% I understand.

Good signs:

  • I understand much much better now code bases and can read code.
  • I more than ever willing to continue and learn

My questions and advice I seek.

I DO really want to understand all in-depth. because a strong understanding of the fundamentals is important.

  1. If I can’t solve the project 100% myself is it ok to look into others’ code? is it cheating me and will hit me back in the future in the sense that I will not be good at coding? or time and practice will help.
  2. What would be your recommendation on ways not to forget syntax? is it just a matter of time and practice?
  3. How to develop the ability to break down the problem into chunks to be able to write a code? (it looks like this is the most essential skill in coding).

Thanks very much in advance for your advice and guidance.
I try to Stay Calm and Keep Coding :slight_smile:


Thanks very much

Welcome to programming. :upside_down_face:

What language(s) are you learning and/or what course/path are you currently on?

Let me ask you this: when you’re going through the lessons, do you take notes or copy code examples into a text editor (or, Jupyter Notebook or Colab)? Do you tweak the code to see if you get errors or different outcomes?

Learning a programming language takes time and practice (repetition). It’s akin to learning a foreign language. It seems you’re on the right track. Also, remember to not compare your progress with anyone else. This is your “journey” and how you progress & come to understand coding concepts is your pace.

  1. IMO it’s ok to look at how others have solved a problem. BUT make sure you understand what the code is doing. Talk it out, out loud. If you can explain how the code works to someone else (or that rubber duck sitting on your desk), then you understand the concept.
  2. You’ll remember syntax w/practice.
  3. Break down the code by using print() statements so you can see what the code is doing. (for me, I do that with Python).

You’re right, keep calm and ask questions here in the forums when you get stuck. I also think it’s helpful if one answers other learners’ questions here in the forums. If you can help someone else out then you’re not only helping them but solidifying what you’ve learned too.


Also consider that some problems can be aided by having background conceptual knowledge. It’s useful to look into what supplementary knowledge is useful for areas of programming you’re looking to improve in. Programming is only as good as our ideas are, after all.


Currently i’m on Full-stack track and working on JS project Mysterious Organism.
I always try to write my own code first. When i’m stuck, I copy the code sample to my Visual Studio code editor. Yes, i do try to understand the code and the way it was written. Then i try to write it my way. make sure that i truly understand the concept and can fulfill after.

Thanks so much for your advice. Just wanted to make sure that i’m on right track. Your thoughts really motivated me even more.

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