How to structure your apps - to do app

Can’t seem to get the following tutorial to work. Here is a detailed explanation:

When I refresh the page i’m first of all getting a 404 not found when trying to fetch the todos. I have learned this error is coming from the controller function of read yet i don’t know why.
Furthermore when I add a todo two things happen: first i know that the todo is being added to the database because i can actually manually view it in Postbird and see that its been added however the response is a 400 bad request error.
The error actually causes the app to crash because it appears that the error being returned is an error object which cannot be used as a react child or something.
Therefore my problem is two-fold: first im trying to understand why my app just isnt properly returning the row(s) when creating/reading todos and therefore not displaying them and secondly how to actually implement the error properly so that it does not crash the app.


just a side note: when I posted this i said i couldnt get the solution code to work but now it appears to be working so maybe i accidentally edited something. still stuck with my own though and dont have a clue why!

After 2 hours stuck on this i realised the error. I didnt realise i had to return pool.query which i had on a second line and was being implicitly returned in the solution code. A stupid error but at least its fixed! Leaving this for anyone else who may have this misfortune.

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