How to string to classes together in CSS

So I am in the CSS class and I am being asked to string to classes together in four spots in the project. This is the code I have.

1. Florence, Italy

There is a class of destination and a class of heading-background. I have tried doing

<h2 class='destination'; class='heading-background': 1. Florence, Italy

And that also is incorrect.

Not sure how to do this. Any help is appreciated.

I mean two classes, not to

Can we have a link to the lession?

How do I do that. I tried linking the output and that did not work earlier in the forum

The URL in the search bar. The one for this forum post:

I am on step 1 in this exercise

To demonstrate using classes on multiple elements, let’s give a few elements the same style.

In index.html , there are four <h2> elements. Give each of them a class of heading-background .

Never mind. I see that I can get it in the code solution. Thanks

No <h2> elements should have 2 classes. And you shouldn’t be assigning the class "destination" to any element.