How to start working in my website

I want to practice everything I am learning currently by creating my own website but I am don’t know where in my pc or online I can start doing it? I watched a YouTube vide and this guy said that I need to use TextEdit if I have a Macbook and start doing my HTML doc. is that correct?

there are plenty of sites (like jsbin, jsfiddle and codepen) where you can do this

But the best advise is to use something like textEdit. Now, there are many other similar tools (like atom, sublime text and visual studio code).

just save the file as html file, and you can open the file with your browser. Just navigate to the file and select: open with chrome (or firefox, or whatever browser you use)

Thank you so much. I like codeopen based on what I was looking at. I just want to make sure I start building a portfolio so I can be job ready in the future or to freelance in the future.

Once your project starts to grow, you really need to move to a local development environment (with whatever text-editor/IDE you prefer)