How to start implementing JavaScript on web page?


I have acquired basic javascript fundamentals and now want to implement on web pages but can not understand where and how to start. help me please.


although javascript has functions and methods (like appendChild) its difficult, there are plenty of libraries/frameworks which can help you with it (jquery, reactJS and many more)


I am somewhat familiar with jQuery. Suppose I want to pop up a message when user click a link so can this be done with pure JavaScript without any js library or framework.


yes, this can be done in JS. Jquery just makes it easier


Hi moderator then please help me to understand how to start this types of works with javascript?


not sure that will fit inside a single answer, you will need an eventlistener:

you will preventDefault:

to prevent the link from redirecting, so you can display your pop-up. You can use your alert or confirm if you need something simple, if you need something more sophisticated you can google: javascript popup window or javascript modal box

Jquery UI also has dialog, you could draw inspiration from there


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