How To Start Coding Projects?

Is There anyone who can give answer of my question?

Hi @groupofmetro , what is your question ? Let me see if I can help.

Are you new to coding?

If yes, I would recommend you to learn the basics, then start planning how would you want to execute the project. There are many ways to execute the project.

For example, if you’re building a web application, you can start out by:

  • Design a wireframe & prototype
  • What you’ll be using for the project, any framework/libraries.
  • What are the functionalities included
  • How you’ll be hosting your website once it is done.

If you want to do a project using only JavaScript, you can first:

  • Plan what it is about, a mini project like Convert Kelvin to Celsius
  • Write some pseudocode
  • Start writing the code
  • Execute your code using node

Googling is everything, I would say. So take your time as yourself what do you want to build. There are many things you can build with the skills you have acquired.
NOTE: I’m not sure about the Data Science part.

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What programming languages are you specifically referring to?

More details in your initial question would be helpful to the community.

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