How to start a React-redux webapp?

Hello there!
I feel like I’m in trouble with dealing, React and Redux and Redux toolkit with same time. I’m trying to make a some time of “portfolio project”, based on few Codecademy Path project.
I’m tried to ideas from Redux expense tracker and Memory match. I Tried to get a finished version it to compare or get ideas from it, but I did not find it. Also, a watched those YouTube walkthrough videos, but doesn’t really help.

To be honest I’ve got some ideas how to start by on my own but there’s always a thing that doesn’t adds up, like:

  1. How the Redux Store looks like (I know its an object), and how to items to it (With createSlice() i guess)?
  2. Where to place the Store in the React-redux filesystem?
  3. What will happend with the “props”? Or I can give the “props” to components by the Store?
  4. How to use React-router-dom with React-Redux?
  5. How should a React-redux and React-router webapp filesystem look like?
  6. Where should I put the Reducers amd the action function the in the app and how to call them?

I know it’s kinda “out of context”, but It felt like I learned but I cant use it. My project concept’s is a site that shows my collected CDs and showing it on the grid layout. And if the user presses the album cover it will “redirect” (with <NavLink>) to the album’s detailed view.

It’s sound a lot but I feel lost int the react-redux world! Thank you for the help!