How to start a project in HTML?

Hey there

I am new to coding. Now I am studying HTML on my own and here in CodeAcademy.
I want to start a project with HTML, so I am wondering, to create my own portfolio for example do I have to use a code editor? I would really love to have some guidance on how to start working with HTML because I am a fast learner if I practice then if I memorize. I am using a MAC. As well how do we create a ROOT directory on a Mac? Or once we have a Code Editor i can create the rood directory there?

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Hi @richeaiulia,

I would recommend using Visual Studio Code as your IDE.

From here, everything you learn in the Codecademy HTML course will help you to start your own project.
I’d recommend going through and completing the HTML course first, then try on your own.

Good luck and happy coding!


On top of what @dannygdev said, you can install the extension Live Server Preview, which allows you to see what your html code is creating (what you see when you look at it from your localhost).


Thank you very much. This is very helpful :slight_smile:

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Yes this i love to see. I’ve started to use Codepen and is cool, as you can see all your work. Thx for this.

I just started codecademy in April all thanks to the scholarship! I’m 7 months in, I got a little more than half way done with the Web Development career path, when I decided to learn Python3, and its very cool, because I am getting to learn the command line also, which is great for linux distros.

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So how was the beginning? i gave myself 1 year. :dancer:

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the beginning of the web development?

No, i am mostly concentrated in becoming a web designer. So i want to learn CSS HTML Java between 7-8 months and then start with WEBFLOW.