How to start a Freelance career



I wanted to start my freelance career. I can create simple wordpress websites with professional themes. Will this be enough to start the career or do I need to learn java scripting, php, mysql and all other things?



It’s possible to get a project like this but you should be transparent and clear on what you can/can’t do.

Most ideal would be if you knew programming.

For example a person would hire someone to build a WordPress site for them if they wanted things custom built which you wouldn’t be able to do. [custom built meaning features & functions you can’t get out of the box]

Or you could get hired by people who don’t have time to do what they can do. Or maybe they don’t know how the interface works.

Just my thoughts…


Right… So which language would be most important to start with? I have logical sense and I know how to use logics as I leanrt C language… But obviously that is not a web programing language.

Should I start with PHP??? I guess that would be easy for me to learn PHP. But I am not sure if it is best for the web programing along with wordpress or not.


PHP is good, will work for backend of website. In terms of WordPress you’re in luck, wordpress is built out of PHP, so you can create your own themes, plugins ect with PHP and other languages.

In terms of design, look and frontend of the site learn HTML, CSS


If you want to do front-end web design, its very likely to also learn a css framework:

to make things easier.