How to start a data science project

Hi everyone, I am a newcomer in codeacademy. I am a computer science student. Recently I am interested in data science; as such, I am taking the career track. If I am only following the courses, I will not become better. What are your tips to start a data science project? How to think about the problem we want to solve from which dataset. I hope we can learn together with this community forum :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums!

Well, once you’re going along on the DS path there are some projects there that you can do within the LE (learning environ). Then, you’re directed to download Jupyter Notebook and given the option to do projects off-platform. By project, I’m assuming that you mean grabbing data from a csv file or web scraper and loading it into a notebook and using Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, etc. to analyze it(?)

There are tons of places you can find free public data sets. I just did a presentation on that (with an intro to Colab) for our [NYC Chapter meetup] last Friday. (Codecademy NYC | Join a chapter and learn together). If you head over to our channel on Discord, you can access my slides.

There’s also tons of ppl here learning DS and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask here as someone will chime in. If you are looking for a quicker response I would suggest joining the Discord server.

Happy coding!


Hi, thanks for replying, I have joined the discord but I can’t find the material. Is that the one on youtube? Thank you

You’ll need to head to the #chapters channel, join the :statue_of_liberty: - New York City (NYC) Chapter, NY channel by reacting with the appropriate emoji, then head to the #nyc-chapter channel.

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Hi, I already click the liberty image but there is no #nyc-chapter channel coming. Thank you

update: I found it already on the bottom :smile:

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