How to start a chapter?

I live in Saigon (HCMC, Vietnam). I don’t see a chapter, or community here. I’d like to start one. What resources exist for this?

Here is the application form, and here is the article I found it on. Good luck!

My angel.

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Thank you for this suggestion! :ok_hand:

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So, it requires that I read a slide deck, but also requires me to have permission to read the slide deck. About how long might one have to wait till that permission was given, or maybe there is somewhere else I can read the slide deck. Otherwise, I am sorta SOL.

I’m not too sure, to be honest; if you wanted to start your own chapter, I would submit the form, and then worry about the slide show later…From what I can remember, they send you an informative slideshow if they accept your chapter application anyway…

Sadlly, it’s actually keyed to my reading the slide. Asks a question, that I don’t know how to answer without reading it. :frowning:

Ah, that’s annoying…Well, I suppose you have to request access? I’m afraid I don’t know response times, but with other things, CC generally reckons upto 48 hours…

I had. But thanx for the 48-hr heads-up.

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