How to solve this Function?


Calculate the value of the function f ( x , y) to be entered for values ​​for the variables x and y .
f ( x , y) = x2 | 5 -y | y3 + | x- 7 |.

Can anybody help me?


But, this is math, why do you post this on a programming forum? And why in the Ruby section?


Yeah but i have to write a programm about this function

Use for calculating any additional methods ( your program has main () method only ) . The output should look exactly as in the example


it has to look like this


So I assume your program must be made in Ruby?

Well first things first, how do you get input from your user?


void ()main
int x,y;



while ()

if ()

else ()


while ()

if ()

else ()


i have to do it that way


This doesn't look like Ruby. Which language are you supposed to be using?


i have to use java and i use the programm Notepad++ for it


Then you posted in the wrong section, this is the Ruby section. You can edit your thread to change the section.

Also, you'll probably be asked to propose a code of your own first, people are unlikely to do all the exercise for you. Good luck.