How to skip exercises?

Is there any way to unlock locked exercises without completing previous exercises?
It is compelling me to learn the basics which I am already familiar with.
For some courses I can directly jump to next exercises but for some they are shown locked.
So is there any solution by which I can directly access the exercises which I need instead of completing previous long exercises which I already know.
P.S:I am new to Codecademy and I am finding it really useful.So if I can just learn what I really want to it would be great!
Thank you in advance…

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a way to do this (it depends on the course), but if you are familiar with the basics, then you should be able to fly through the lessons easily. :slight_smile:
Which course/language are you currently learning? Is the course you’re trying to skip include things you already know?

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Thanks for replying…
I am currently learning ‘Learn Javascript Coure’ , so the actual Javascript is on lesson 5 and first 4 lessons consist of time consuming exercises related to introduction to variable,loops,array and functions which I am already used to since Javascript isn’t my first language!

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