How to show the error message screenshot


i want to know how do i show my code where im strucked at.....i mean how to attach the code screenshot here

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Making head is not executing...chapter-1.5

You can either highlight your code, press ctrl+c to copy it, then come here and press ctrl+v to paste it, or you can look up the shortcut for screenshotting it.


Go to where you write your post:


Then hover over one of those icons, the one that has a console with a arrow pointing up:

Then just click it, and you can upload either straight from your device, or from the web.

NOTE: if you need to know how to take a screenshot, just search the web. :wink:


making head-why is not working as per mentioned

the matter wriiten between title tags is not shows error message.....please help me out

Replace this line with your code.


Hi @sumigumi,

Please use the little pencil icon to go back and edit your question. In the place where it says "Replace this line with your code", you should do exactly that.


thanx a worked


thanx a lot.......................:wink:)