How to share projects?

Hi Everyone!

How do I share my first ever coding project (Bank_teller) - Analyze Fin Data with Py! _ I am new, very new to this!

Hello @sidangadi, welcome to the forums! You can share your project by putting the github link in your post, or by pasting the code into the forums. If you do paste the code into the forums, make sure to read ->this<- thread on how to correctly post code in the forums.


Hi Codeneutrino,

I have the same question. When I finished the project on jupyter notebook, I went to: file - save as - and then it gave me this response, “Enter a notebook path relative to notebook dir.” I just pressed save with whatever was on the line but I don’t understand what it was asking me to do or where my saved file went. I also am not familiar with github so I don’t know where that link would be.

If I were to just paste the code in, would I have to go back and forth 20 times to remove the code from all of the little boxes within jupyter notebooks, or is there a simpler way to copy all of the code that I wrote?

Thank you.

You should be able to update the entire .ipynb file, the notebook file itself, to github which is capable of rendering it in a sensible way. If your project was written on jupyter notebook on your own machine then you probably saved it locally. Can you recall where you saved it or what folders you were working in at the time? If not you may need to make use of some from of search program to hunt it down with name (if you know it), file type (.ipynb) or by date (if you know it).

Once you know where it is located on your own machine and have a github profile sorted then you should be able to upload the entire project and make it visible to others. If you’re completely unfamiliar with github try the tutorial option when you sign up or find instructions for how to use it, e.g. CC’s git/github set-up or others.