How to set the lessons to light mode?

I’ve just started a course with Codeacademy, and so far all the informational lessons have had a dark mode theme.

While it looks nice, unfortunately I find it quite challenging to read light text on dark background. I get a sort of slight double-vision effect.

Unless I’m being dense, I can’t figure out where to change it to light mode. Hopefully someone can help me out, thank you :pray:

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Unfortunately you can’t in a way that’s officially supported, but if you have a look there are browser extensions that might allow you to invert the colours.

I’m only familiar with extensions that go from light → dark mode, or else I’d recommend some but I assume colour-changing extensions outside that would exist if you have a research around :slight_smile:

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That’s a shame.

Thanks for the idea about looking for an extension or inverting the colours though. It’s a bit of faffing about, but I can use the OS accessibility settings to invert the colours. Looks a bit weird, but at least I’ll be able to read it properly!

If anyone from Codeacademy is reading this: Accessibility isn’t really something you should just ignore. Particularly if you’re literally running a web development course :sweat_smile: