How to select only last names?

see this topic:

How to ask good questions (and get good answers)

it even features that searching for answers first is a good idea.

What does [-1] do? Well, we can access elements in a list by index, by using negative values, we can access elements from the right hand side. So -1 is the last item of a list, -2 the second to last item of the list and so forth


Could someone remind me where we can find explanation in previous lessons that says we can write methods “.split” and index "[-1] in the same line like here: some_str.split()[-1]? Because i don’t really remember anything like that. But i do remember that there was about different methods in one line, but not indexes.
Also another solution to the second part of this exercise is by list comprehension:

author_last_names = [full_name.split()[-1] for full_name in author_names]

If i am not mistaken.

I’m having trouble finding any reference for using an index after str.split() on the internet.
I don’t doubt that it exists or think the, “how to”, is wrong.

I wrote this function to solve the problem:

def find_last_name(author_names):
author_last_names =
for name in author_names:
last = name.split()
return author_last_names